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What does Charity Search do?

Charity Search delivers a free service which helps older people in genuine financial need receive the support that may be available to them from a variety of charitable sources.

After a lifetime of coping, older people living in our society are often faced with financial difficulties brought about by low income levels, life-challenges such as illness and general high costs of living.

Overcoming these difficulties can be just as challenging due to the following hurdles:

• Older people may be reluctant to admit they need help
• They do not realise that it might be possible to get help
• Even when they recognise their need for help, they have little or no idea of how to go about finding it

The main concern of all the charities we work with is to bring comfort and relief to those older people in financial need, and to ensure that they maintain quality of life.  However unless applications for funding are submitted these charities have no way of responding.

Charity Search exists to bridge the gap between older people in need and the appripriate charity organisations.  Our aim is to ensure that support funds reach those they were intended to help.

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